Vetrite allows covering of broad internal and external surfaces, up to furniture tops or unique decorations. They are glass slabs with a particular mix of polymers and metals, or fabrics from our collections in other exclusive textures. The slabs have a millimetric thickness and a standard size of 120x280cm, up to special sizes, they are strongly resistant and guarantee the maximum hygiene. Last but not least they have a captivating look, so they’re able to bring charm and elegance into the ambiences and in all the projects in which they’re used.
The collections are inspired by natural materials, powders, gems, game of tones and, in addition, there’s the possibility to create customized designs. We have a range of over 120 different patterns.
These slabs can be treated as any other product for covering, so they can be cut, angled and easily laid.
Vetrite Electric Marble, available in 5 different colours, transfers marble’s veinings to glass slabs and is suitable for use on horizontal and vertical surfaces, or furniture tops.
The new Shape modular system for wardrobes or walk-in closets matches perfectly with a wall in backlit Vetrite Gem Glass.
The simple way of installation of Vetrite Gem Glass on a LED panel to permit backlighting.
The combined use of backlit Vetrite Gem Glass and mirrors gives the possibility to create bewitching reflections and symmetries.
The resistance of Vetrite for the use on floors is certified by official tests carried out by Certimac.