Vetrite, special glass slabs with polymers or fabrics in a patented formula, has immediately conquered designers and architects, both for its aesthetic value and the intrinsic qualities of the material. For this reason, the architects themselves have suggested new uses and have asked for an evolution of the product.
The making process of Vetrite with fabric allows maintaining the three-dimensional effect of the weave, which is particularly suited for walls or surfaces decorated with precious yarns, that can both be easily clean and do not fear deterioration.
Beyond opaque slabs of Vetrite, we’ve also made translucent and opalescent slabs that permit backlighting—a new way to create ambiences where the light gives atmosphere, warmth and charm.
In addition, we’ve recently conceived in our laboratories transparent Vetrite, that allows the direct transmission of the light. We can, therefore, obtain special patterns without losing the typical transparency of the glass.
Vetrite can be combined with other materials, such as glass or marble mosaics, to obtain artistic decorations. Works that can only be born in a factory like Sicis, where there are all the productive processes of Vetrite and mosaic, and where there’s an unparalleled atelier for the creation of artistic mosaics, unique in the world.

In the video above, the project of a private villa with a living entirely covered with Vetrite.